Coronavirus and your Dog

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland featured the President of Modern Puppies discussing the benefits of having the Potty Training Puppy Apartment during the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand our products are essential to allowing you and your dog to stay safely indoors during COVID-19. We think it is extremely important to have your dog indoor potty trained, because we do not know when this pandemic will end and when the next pandemic will come. You and your dog develop a routine, and the Puppy Apartment allows you to stay in that routine during any type of pandemic. Dogs can sense stress, anxiety and depression from their owner. Breaking your routine can cause stress on you and your dog. We have the Products to help get your dog properly indoor potty trained and to also stay in your routine!

Below is a short video of the President of Modern Puppies with Kathy Ireland on her TV show, Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. They are in her studio discussing some of the benefits of the Potty Training Puppy Apartment!