Dog Breeders

Below is a list of Dog Breeders with puppies for sale. Adopting a dog or puppy from your local shelter is also an option. As you know, we do not sell puppies, we specialize in potty training dogs and puppies with the Potty Training Puppy Apartment®.

The Dog Breeders below are currently using and/or recommending the Potty Training Puppy Apartment®. If you have already acquired your dog or puppy, you may want to have your breeder or local shelter contact us to be a part of our Breeder Program. If you have not acquired your puppy, and want an easier puppy to potty train, we suggest you consider one of the Dog Breeders below. Most of these breeders also offer a shipping option. We have listed the breed(s) they specialize in and their website.

If you are a Dog Breeder and would like us to consider listing your website below, please 
email us at for more information. We also have special purchase and referral offers for Dog Breeders.

 Breed  Website
Akita  FancyWood Farms
Aussiedoodle  Kimberlee's Kennels
Bernedoodle  Kimberlee's Kennels
Bichon Frise  The Blessed Bichons
Bichon Frise  Blue Ribbon Kennels
Biewer  His Precious Paws
Biewer  The Fur Kids
Biewer  Wagg-n-tails
Brussels Griffon  FancyWood Farms
Cavachon  The Monarchy
Chihuahua  FancyWood Farms
Chihuahua  Stacey's Precious Puppies
Cockapoo  Jordan Family Treasures
Cocker Spaniel  Kimberlee's Kennels
Cocker Spaniel  Jordan Family Treasures
Collie  All That Jazz Collies
Coton de Tulear  Bluegrass Cotons
Englishdoodle  Kimberlee's Kennels
French Bulldog  BlueHaven French Bulldogs
French Bulldog  Must be Frenchies
Giant Schnauzer  Jordan Family Treasures
Goldendoodle  Kimberlee's Kennels
Havanese  Havanese at Mariposa
Havanese  Midnight Acres Kennel
Italian Greyhound  Aurelie's IG's
Japanese Chin  FancyWood Farms
Labradoodle  Sutter Buttes Labradoodles
Maltese  McHenry Maltese Puppies
Maltese  Blue Ribbon Kennels
Maltese  Wagg-n-tails
Maltese  Corner Rock Critters
Maltipoo  Jordan Family Treasures
Maltipoo  McHenry Maltese Puppies
Miniature Dachshund  Stacey's Precious Puppies
Miniature Pinscher  FancyWood Farms
Miniature Pinscher  Midnight Acres Kennel
Miniature Pinscher  Woitas Acres
Miniature Schnauzer  Stacey's Precious Puppies
Morkie  McHenry Maltese Puppies
Norwich Terrier  Must be Norwich Terriers
Papillon  SkyTry Papillons
Pekingese  Stacey's Precious Puppies
Pomeranian  Yuma Poms
Pomeranian  Candi Colored Poms
Pomeranian  Glory Pomeranians
Poodle  Blue Ribbon Kennels
Poodle  Jordan Family Treasures
Poodle  Royal Hawaiian Poodles
Rottweiler  Corner Rock Critters
Schnoodle  Jordan Family Treasures
Sheltie  Fox Point Farm
Shiba Inu  FancyWood Farms
Shih Tzu  Blue Ribbon Kennels
Shih Tzu  Atraer Shih Tzus
Shih Tzu  Corner Rock Critters
Shihpoo  Jordan Family Treasures
Yorkie  The Fur Kids
Yorkie  Sugar Rush Yorkies
Yorkie  Wagg-n-tails
Yorkie  Blumoon Yorkies
Yorkie  LOL Yorkies
Yorkie  Jordan Family Treasures
Yorkie  Red River Kennels
Yorkie  Corner Rock Critters