Dog Hair Remover 25


Item Description

This amazing Dog Hair Remover was created to be the alternative method for removing unwanted pet hair. Unlike those outdated, cheap and annoying lint rollers that simply don't work, this Dog Hair Remover molds to any shape, is easy to use and works! Whether you wish to remove pet hair from your couch, clothing, staircase, pillows, and comforters or keep the inside of your car spotless, this Dog Hair Remover can do it all!

The sheet can form to any surface and get those hard to reach areas. Unlike a lint roller, each easy-to-use tear sheet covers a larger surface area and can pick up more debris with each application. All you need to do is press the sheet onto any surface area, peel off and enjoy a hairless, lint free environment.

25 sheets included. Each sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches. Only .79 cents per sheet and each sheet can be used multiple times. Proudly made in the USA.