Indoor Rope Game


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Indoor Rope Game

Modern Puppies is currently offering a unique interactive indoor rope game that helps dogs stay healthy, happy, and entertained. Ideal for dogs under 35 lbs. Rope color is light green and dark green as featured in the video below. Click the play button below for a video demonstration.

Do you have a dog with a little TOO much energy? Wanting to find a way to keep them occupied so he or she doesn't get bored, destructive, or unhealthy? This indoor rope game is the perfect choice to keep dogs physically and mentally engaged while providing hours of energy burning play. Simply place the base of the unit underneath the foot of any heavy furniture. The amazing design and physics of this indoor rope game make it impossible for the rope to become disengaged from the base while your dog is playing and tugging on it. We also include an outdoor base for outside fun!

A Tired Dog = A Happy Owner! Burn their energy, not your arm...