Medium - Potty Pad Holder


Item Description

This is an optional item. This steel device securely holds in place a PTPA Potty Pad to discourage potty pad chewing. Fits the Medium PTPA.

Most puppies do not chew or tear up their potty pad, however, in some rare cases you may have a puppy that likes to chew everything in sight. Most dog owners only use this device for a short time, because most puppies outgrow their chewing stage and are no longer interested in chewing their potty pad.

We invented this one-of-a-kind device as an option for some PTPA owners. It is a patent pending device. It securely holds down a PTPA Potty Pad with ideal weight and pressure to discourage your puppy from chewing on the potty pad. It fits within the black plastic pan of the PTPA, so the device is locked in and very stable when in use. It is very easy to use and we created it so you can conveniently replace the PTPA Potty Pad after your dog potties.

You have three placement options for your Potty Pad Holder (PPH). We suggest you choose which option works best for you and your puppy:

Option 1 - Place the PPH on top of a regular PTPA Potty Pad. See example photo 2.

Option 2 - Place the PPH on top of a regular PTPA Potty Pad that has the blue/black portion of the pad folded underneath the pad on three sides. See example photo 3.

Option 3 - Place the PPH on top of a regular PTPA Potty Pad that you have carefully cut with scissors on three sides to be an exact fit underneath the PPH. See example photo 4.

After you choose your preferred option, simply slide the black plastic pan back into your PTPA. See example photo 5.

Place your bedding in the bedroom section of your PTPA. See example photo 6.

From this point on, you will no longer have to remove the black plastic pan. You will simply lift the PPH upwards a few inches and replace the PTPA Potty Pad with a new one after your dog potties.