Pet Gate 29-Inch


Item Description

Attractive pet gate with textured graphite and a decorative wood door. Height is 29 inches. Expands to fit openings 29-38 inches wide and can be expanded even wider with our extensions. Includes two 3-inch extensions, allowing you to widen the gate up to 38 inches. If needed, we offer optional 3, 6 and 11 inch extensions available for purchase if you need more than 38 inches in width. For example, if you have two 11 inch extensions on each side of the pet gate, you will have an extra 22 inches, allowing you to fit the gate into a 60-inch-wide doorway.

One-handed operation pet gate with a secure spring-loaded latch keeping gate safely closed when not in use. Please note the gap between the gate and latch will be eliminated when the gate is fully installed. 19-inch-wide walk-thru pet door swings in either direction. An auxiliary lock allows you to change the directional swing of the pet door. Spacing between vertical bars is 2.375 inches wide. Pet gate is non-toxic and lead-free. Pet gate includes 4 pressure/tension gate mounts for easy and secure installation. Also includes hardware for installation.