PTPA Instructional DVD

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FREE when you purchase a PTPA. We have an ONLINE VERSION if you do not own or have access to a DVD player. This groundbreaking one-of-kind potty training system is covered in this easy-to-understand Instructional DVD. It covers everything you need to know to properly potty train your puppy/dog with their new PTPA. It also includes bonus features on many of the common potty issues puppies and dogs experience. The PTPA will only work properly if you follow our training techniques and tips in this Instructional DVD. Only add this to your cart if you want to buy it individually for $45.00. If you purchase it individually and want the ONLINE VERSION, simply email us through our Contact Us page after you place your order and then we will email you a private link to view the video online. Click here to learn more about what is featured in our PTPA Instructional DVD.