PTPA Playpen Wire Top


Item Description

The PTPA Playpen Wire Top adds extra security to your dog's playpen. It deters unwanted intruders and prevents your dogs from making an untimely escape. This product features 9-and 11-gauge Acri-Lock acrylic-coated black zinc-plated wire with a contoured edge that fits securely over the PTPA Playpen. For proper attachment, the Playpen must be in a square configuration. 

We suggest attaching the PTPA to the Playpen panel that has the door opening. You must remove the removable side door near the bedroom section from the PTPA, before attaching the Playpen (see the images above). Includes 8 thumb-snaps to securely lock the wire top to the Playpen and the PTPA. The wire top is easy to install with no tools required and is hinged down the center for easy half-access into the Playpen. The wire top features a durable e-coat that prevents rust. Dimensions are 4’ x 4’. Weight is 11 lbs. The PTPA and the PTPA Playpen are sold separately. Fits all 6 sizes of PTPA Playpens.