Small - Pad - Blue


Item Description

Fits the XSmall PTPA.

If you have a male puppy/dog that hikes their leg, we suggest purchasing PTPA Potty Pads that are the normal size for your PTPA. Two of our solutions mentioned in our Instructional DVD allow you to use the normal size PTPA Potty Pads for dogs that hike their leg when urinating. No need to purchase oversized potty pads.

We manufacture these custom-made PTPA Potty Pads and they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our prices are normally 
30%-50% less than what you would pay at your local pet store for similar quality pads. Our high quality pads are made to fit the bathroom section of each PTPA, while other pads are either too big or too small.

Don't be fooled by purchasing those cheap super-thin economy pads that sometimes leak and spread urine very quickly. Our extra-thick diamond-embossed pads are super absorbent, which means the urine will spread very slowly, which helps keep urine off your puppy's paws and your flooring. They also have a special puppy attractant that encourages your puppy to potty on them. In addition, they have an odor neutralizer to help keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Prices are per pad plus S&H. Please see our 
Bulk Discount pricing to receive an even bigger discount.