Vehicle Barrier - 4 bars


Item Description

Vehicle Barrier - 4 bars: 

  • Keep pets to rear of vehicle, safely away from driver and passengers
  • Fits most sport utility vehicles, vans, and wagons
  • Install easily in just minutes
  • Unique design allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments to better fit the barrier to your particular vehicle
  • Attractive, non-reflective Black electro-coat finish
  • Tubular construction eliminates blind spots
  • Soft brace pads protect both your vehicle interior and your pet
  • Pet Barrier is a 4-bar barrier expandable from 34-65 inches wide and 30-46 inches high
As much as you love your pet and want to give them unrestricted freedom of movement, that’s not the best course of action while you’re driving – especially when other passengers are present. We offer the perfect – and very responsible! – solution: our Tubular Car Barriers. They’re designed and engineered to keep your pet safely at the rear of your vehicle, out of the way of driver and passengers alike. These barriers fit most sports utility vehicles, vans, and wagons. Their unique, adjustable design lets you use them in either a horizontal or vertical position, thus increasing their utility in your particular vehicle. Soft brace pads not only protect your interior but also keep your pet safely away from the barrier when the ride gets “bouncy”. Weight is 44 lbs.